Case Study: TechOne Printing

When Kristen Weimert came to SalesPartners in July of 2011, she had over 15 years experience in the printing industry, and had been managing Tech Town’s TechOne Printing facility for two years.

“I’d completed leadership development and customer service training programs, but still struggled with basic sales and business management skills,” she states.

By the time she completed the 12-week SalesPartners Mastery program, her sales–and her confidence–were up 225% and rising.

“No matter what I tried, I couldn’t exceed sales over $8,000 a month,” Kristen says. “By the end of the12-week program, I was approaching $18,000 a month.”

Participants in the SalesPartners Mastery 12-week program begin with a free online diagnostic assessment, ranking 20 critical sales skills on a scale of 0–3, with 3 indicating a strength. The diagnostic is repeated at the end of the program. Skills rated include your ability to deal with adversity, set goals, and overcome “I can’t do it” thinking.

Kristen’s first diagnostic was heavily loaded in the 0–1 range. She had only two categories in which she scored a 2, and none in the 3 level. “By the end of the 12-weeks,” she says with a satisfied grin, “I was heavily loaded in levels 2 and 3.”
While in the 12-week program, a client was dissatisfied and wanted a refund. By remaining calm and asking a series of questions, Kristen soon learned that the woman was unhappy with the design of the card–a design the woman had created herself. “Without the practice in the classroom, I would never have gotten to the root of the problem,” she states.

The 12-week program focuses on sales techniques such as creating an elevator pitch and voice mail message that gets people to say “tell me more,” or to return your call, and dealing with the “Little Voice” inside that tries to keep us small.  There is also a focus on goal setting.
“I kept setting goals and beating myself up for not achieving them,” Kristen states. “In this program, I learned to break goals into manageable steps that allowed me to celebrate achievements frequently. That practice has kept my energy and confidence high.”

When her 12-week program completed, Kristen knew she wanted more, and enrolled in the 6-week Little Voice Management program for individual coaching.  She is now back in the classroom through the SalesPartners Mastery Alumni Program.

“The 12-week session was about building my professional skills. In the 6-week program, we focused on me, and how I could succeed regardless of the business I am in. I learned to be a Hero, not a Victim.  I learned to  rewrite my definition of success based on where I want to go.”

For more information on the SalesPartners Mastery 12-week program, the 6-week Little Voice Mastery Program, or other services offered by SalesPartners Troy, email :, or call 248-230-9569

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