Put Your Elevator Pitch to the Test

Here’s the real litmus test of an e-pitch: The “So-What?” factor.

You already know the elements, right?  In a nutshell: Give your first name, a thimble-sized description of your industry, a credibility factor or success story, and ask an open-ended question.

Sounds simple but it becomes complicated when you come from your own stance rather than that of the person you just met at a networking meeting or—as if this really happens to more than a handful of people—in an elevator.

Here are some tips to help you pass the litmus test:

  • Write down the critical factor—the pain your prospects generally feel.
  • Respond with how your business solves the problem.
  • Ask yourself, “so what?”
  • Keep going. Drill down into the pain—because the first level of pain is rarely the real issue. At each level ask “so what?” until there is nowhere left to go with it.

THAT will take you to the customer’s real issue, and THEN you can define how your business can resolve the issue.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

This is an example of the topics we deal with each week in the SalesPartners Troy Sales Mastery classroom. You’re invited to experience one session as our guest, to make sure it’s a “fit” for you. Contact Us for details and upcoming dates.

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