The Traps We Spring Upon Ourselves

Sooner or later we all face a business or personal situation in which we are so deeply invested that we cannot fathom failure.

So we try again, try harder, push further, convinced we know what is true and what is best for ourselves. We generate so much tension in our bodies and minds that we become at cross-purposes to our own best interests and potential for success.

It’s a trap we spring on ourselves, akin to the Chinese Finger Traps we played with as kids.
The trap is a small, woven bamboo cylinder in which you place your index fingers. When you attempt to pull your fingers out, the trap tightens. The more you tug, the tighter it gets.

It’s counter-intuitive to push deeper into the trap, but that is the only way to release your fingers. When you push the ends of the trap together with your middle fingers and thumbs, your index fingers can be slowly twisted out.

The secret lies in the cylindrical way the bamboo—and the threads of our situations—are woven. Pulling on the threads lengthens and narrows the weave, which increases the tension of the bamboo, and the energy of the situation.

It sounds paradoxical, but pushing deeper lessens the tension, leaving room for movement, leaving space for seeing the truth in a new light. The more space and light we have, the sooner we solve the puzzle and create a new future.

Just for Today:

Take a five-minute break. Relax your body, relax your mind. Now think of a situation that is causing you stress. Are your present behaviors and beliefs helping or hindering your progress? What is the truth? What can you do, right now, to change your focus, release the trap, and move forward?

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What insight did you gain from this post? Please take a moment to comment!

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