5 Steps to Debrief a Sales Call

Whether you win or not, every sales call leaves an emotional wake, whether it be positive or negative.

Your Little Voice will ask, “Could I have done better?  What should I have done differently?”

It’s confusing and emotionally draining, particularly when you walked away without the result you had expected.

Rather than rehashing the entire conversation looking for clues of your performance level, debrief with these five steps from Little Voice Mastery by Blair Singer:

  1. What happened?  (What worked? What didn’t work?)  Make efforts here to keep your emotions out of it. Consider where the prospect showed interest, and where their eyes glazed over—what was happening at that point?
  2. Why did it work / not work? Were you right on target, or off target in your research or presentation? Was the prospect distracted or having a challenging day?
  3. What did I learn? Here, you are looking for a pattern of behavior. Perhaps you are never quite as prepared as you’d like to be, or tend to dominate the conversation.
  4. What did I learn about myself? Be real—maybe you noticed your heart race and your hands start to sweat when it came time to talk money, and recognize the need to practice handling money questions or objections.
  5. What could I do differently next time? Advertising experts know that switching up one thing–changing one word or phrase–can make a huge difference in response. The same is true in sales. We are always refining.

As you become aware of the issues—positive or negative—know that this process is not about being right or wrong. You got the deal, or you didn’t get the deal, but either way, you learned something.

If your first reaction to “What did I learn about myself?” is “You’re an idiot!”, your response is “No, I’m not going to take that one on.” Keep going until you get to something that allows you to make a correction in your behavior.

That is Debriefing.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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One Response to 5 Steps to Debrief a Sales Call

  1. These debriefing questions are invaluable. Thanks Diane and Denise for introducing them to me. I often use these questions to debrief my whole day.

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