Thought Clusters (4): Intention

Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series if you’ve not seen them before.

Thus far in our model, we have said:  Now that you are aware of your current state and the future outcome you desire, and are now responsible for setting a direction toward its achievement.

The third thought leader is INTENTION.

There is a plain and simple truth in Sales: People buy based on our energy, and in any exchange, the person with the highest energy wins. Your INTENTION plays a huge part in that exchange. When you head in the direction you have set—when you know whom you need to meet, how to get to them, the goals you must accomplish, and the systems you must use—it is your INTENTIONyour sense of urgency—that drives you there.

You’ve created a Future Outcome (goal), which in our model is “In 2012, I want $100,000 worth of additional business.”  You are aware of the goal and thus responsible to act on it (or  not!), and have set a direction to take you there.

Here’s the kicker: If you sit at your desk thinking, “I’ll call him tomorrow,” or “I’ll get to it later this week,” you are lacking in intention.  If your energy is low on a sales call, there is no sense of urgency—and the prospect wins, not you.

In the last post of this series, we asked you to set a goal to achieve by December 31. How are you doing? Just for this week: Be mindful, throughout the day, of your Intention on everything you do. What is your sense of urgency? How does the awareness of it change your behavior?

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