Thought Clusters (2): AWARENESS

In our last post, we introduced the concept of Thought Clusters developed by SalesPartner Kelly Ritchie — who says, in a nutshell, that everything in life and business can be broken down into a cluster of four words: three Thought Leaders orbiting a Driver.

Now let’s take a look at how the concept applies to our everyday life, whether business or personal. The first step to any action is AWARENESS, which becomes the first Thought Leader in our schematic:

Until you are aware, there is no thought or action —there simply cannot be, because you are unaware. You don’t, for example, put on your sweater until you become aware that  you are cold.

But here’s the critical point:

Awareness demands responsibility.

That is, once you become aware, you become responsible, or response-able.

Pretty elementary, right? Awareness demands responsibility.

You begin this process with a goal, or what we call a “Future Outcome,” which might be something like “In 2012, I want $100,000 worth of additional business.” Maybe it’s 20 new customers, or a 30% net profit — you set your own Future Outcome.

Now you are aware of your current state, and the future outcome you desire, and you are now responsible for the next action.

Just for today, consider your level of awareness — of the people and things around you, of your goals and aspirations, of yourself, the way you think, and the actions that come from your thoughts. Take notes.

Up Next: The Thought Leader of Direction.

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