Thought Clusters (1)

When Kelly Ritchie came to Detroit two weeks ago, he gave the participants of our Sales Mastery Program a brief but intense look into the concept of Thought Clusters.

Stemming from Kelly’s understanding of key points in Buckminster Fuller’s book, “Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking,” Thought Clusters generate a new way of thinking.

As Kelly puts it, “…we started thinking in fours instead of the two’s we have been raised with – right or wrong, good or bad.”

Here is how a Thought Cluster works: There are three Thought Leaders and one Thought Driver.

Yes, it’s a bit abstract, but over the next weeks we will be discussing the Thought Cluster Kelly drew for us in class. The Thought Leaders in the drawing were: Awareness, Direction, and Intention. The Thought Driver was Expectation.

Remember: A Thought Cluster is a system for the creation of results, using four words.

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This is an example of the topics we deal with each week in the SalesPartners Troy Sales Mastery classroom. You’re invited to experience one session as our guest, to make sure it’s a “fit” for you. Contact Us for details and upcoming dates.

The content of this blog post came from a SalesPartners-Troy session facilitated by Kelly Ritchie, one of the founders of SalesPartners Worldwide, who currently lives and works in Australia.

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