Breaking the Arrow at Your Throat

Imagine someone standing in front of you, holding the point of an arrow at the base of your throat – that shallow dip between your clavicle bones, the place where, just centimeters below, your vocal chords lie.

You have a choice. You can step back, away from the point and away from the fear, or you can step forward into the point and into the fear.

We take that step, figuratively, every time we make a decision to take action despite our fear, or give fear dominion over us. Every time we step back, fall back, retreat, reject ourselves, allow another to get our little voices screaming, we are stepping away from the point.

And the point is, after all, our life. Not literally, in terms of physical death, but the point of every experience in which we have to make a choice becomes our life, defines our reality. We either choose to stay on point and push forward until the arrow breaks and we are free of our fear, or we step away from the point and let the fear hold us hostage.

Every time you feel fear welling up in your throat, the fear that either causes you to scream or keeps you from screaming, you are stepping into the point – into the opportunity for growth, for an amazing breakthrough, for a new awareness of yourself.

What is the arrow at your throat today? Share your story below.

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