Sales 101: Getting in the Door

Go to enough networking meetings and you’ll hear a dozen or more requests that sound like this:

“I’m looking for an introduction to the owner/president/decision-maker at XYZ Company.”

Check in with enough people a week or two later, and you’ll learn that few of those requests are ever fulfilled.

In his book, Sales Dogs, Blair Singer quotes his friend Herman, a healthcare insurance salesman who’s persistence brought him the Dell Computer account when the company was still in it’s infancy. Herman told Blair:

“There is no such thing as a lack of connection.”

Blair goes on to say: “There is always somebody who knows somebody who can get you in the door. If you spend a few hours on the phone, there is no person in the world whom you cannot somehow access through someone else. Look through annual reports, journals, article lists, the Internet, and do your market research.”

The disconnect in the networking world is that we want to get to the presidential suite, or the corner office, without walking down the hallway. We want to bypass the masses and get right to the decision-makers.

But that’s not necessarily the best route. There’s value in coming in on the ground floor. Sometimes the person you really need to get to is an aide or an assistant, or possibly a receptionist – because they are the people who can give you critical information, and help you pass through the golden gates into the inner sanctum.

Do your market research before you make your request, and remember, “There is no such thing as a lack of connection.”

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