Rejection vs Objection

You’re on the phone with a prospect who is giving you one reason after another as to why he can’t make an appointment or buy your product/service.

It’s the wrong time.

His current vendor is just fine.

Your price is too high.

When this occurs over and over, two things can happen:

  1. We grow incrementally more frustrated, emotional, and take it personally — this is the path of rejection. As our emotional level rises, our intellectual level decreases, and we begin then to defend or justify our position.
  2. We take a deep breath and remember they are giving us an opportunity to acknowledge their stance and ask open-ended questions that can lead to a deeper understanding  on both sides of the conversation.

Which will you choose?

Just For Today:

Ask a friend to give you every possible objection you can think of — one after another — and pay attention to your emotional response as they objections pile up. Write down what happens, and work on crafting open-ended questions that will help you avoid emotional overload and keep your wits about you.

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