The Worst of all Human Ailments

“I suffered from the worst of all Human Ailments: Indecision”

Napoleon Hill wrote those words in 1938, in the waning years of the great depression. He was the man who had, for 20 years, studied the lives of more than 500 of the world’s wealthiest and most successful men. He was the man who really did write the book on the Laws of Success.

And he, like every other human on the planet, occasionally came down with the deadliest disease: Indecision.

In any situation, you are either fully in, fully out, or in the land of indecision.

Fully in or fully out means you have momentum—you’re either engaged in the situation or you’re moving on to the next one.

Indecision is stagnation. Stagnation breeds toxic thinking. Toxic thinking kills us, figuratively and literally. Suffering from indecision is far more exhausting than making a choice and being the choice you make—even if you make a new choice ten minutes from now.

Just for Today:

When you feel the disease of indecision creeping up on you, close your eyes and yell (in your head if you have to) “STOP!”  Then make a choice and move forward.

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