Put it into Practice

Michael Jordan did it. So did Wayne Gretzky and Michael Phelps. And you know the Williams sister still do it, every day.

The “greats” in every sport – and sales is a sport, on one level – all do it. They wouldn’t be “greats” otherwise, and the chances are, neither will you or I.

Practice, Practice, Practice.    

Break your business down into digestible chunks. How many different services or products do you offer? Write an elevator speech for each one, and make sure you include a story.

One man in our Sales Mastery program says he will have about 27 elevator pitches by the time he works through all that his company offers – and he’s happy as a lark in doing it, because after only two weeks in the program, five contacts turned into signed customers.

Write them, then practice them over and over. Recite them into the mirror while you’re drying your hair or shaving. Sing them as you drive down the road. Revise and refine them as you go. Ask friends to listen and give feedback – then get on the phone or go to a networking meeting, and practice there, too.

If you do this – if you practice every day and reward yourself for every little step forward – your confidence will rise, you’ll continue the behaviors, and the consistently applied behaviors will bring results.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

This is an example of the topics we deal with each week in the SalesPartners Troy Sales Mastery classroom. You’re invited to experience one session as our guest, to make sure it’s a “fit” for you. Contact Us for details and upcoming dates.

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