Sales from the Inside Out

As a sales person, your results will never exceed your self concept.



Because sales results are an inside job that starts with your self concept.

Your self concept is comprised of:

  1. Your self ideal—the perception of how you should behave based on certain personal standards,
  2. Your self image—The idea you hold of your abilities, appearance, and personality,
  3. Your self esteem—your level of confidence in your own worth or abilities.

When your self concept is strong, your mindset is positive and action-oriented. When your mindset is action-oriented, you are eager to engage in behaviors that are affirmative, optimistic and constructive. Those behaviors, put into play on a regular basis and consistently tracked, generate results.

The point here is that if you want to increase your results, you must first increase your self concept. Otherwise you are like a hamster racing round the wheel, getting nowhere fast. This is why we always work on increasing your self concept through sales techniques and Little Voice Mastery.

Just for Today:

Reflect on the aspects of your self concept—you might want to journal your thoughts. Does your belief or perception in one area impact your bottom line?  If so, what one thing can you do today to begin to change and grow?

Your comments, questions, and success stories are welcome!

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This is an example of the topics we deal with each week in the SalesPartners Troy Sales Mastery classroom. You’re invited to experience one session as our guest, to make sure it’s a “fit” for you. Contact Us for details and upcoming dates.

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