Go Sit in the Corner

Having one of those days or weeks where your Little Voice is fighting a turf war in your head? Feel overwhelmed by stress and that every thought you have is driving you further away from achieving your goal?

Go Sit in the Corner.

That’s right – Take a “Time Out.” Hockey players, basketball stars, and kindergarten kids are sent back to the bench or sequestered from the rest of the class. To cool off. To “Think About” things. Sometimes in the Sales and Business Game, we have to do the same thing – go sit in the corner and reconsider everything.

Which Little Voice is controlling us at the moment? The voice of fear? The voice of a critic? The voice of an authority figure from our past? Or, the voice of a champion?

Is the advice from Little Voice appropriate? Does it speak to our inner winner?

What facts or concerns about our goals and activities are causing the stumble?

What can we do to change the thought or behavior to help us reach our goal?

You might need only 15 minutes to get back on track – or maybe an entire weekend. The point is, the sit-in-the-corner time is not a punishment, it’s a treat and a de-stressor.  You might even want to schedule a 10-minute corner session every day, just before you start making your prospecting calls.

By the way, in Little Voice Mastery, Blair Singer states: “Stress is an emotional response to the complexity if the wrong little voices take over or if you don’t know how to manage them.”

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1 Response to Go Sit in the Corner

  1. thewriteconcept says:

    I sometimes struggle with scheduling the time to review where I’ve been and what I’m doing. This article really made me stop and think about how a “Time Out” – even for just 15 minutes a day – can help me stay on track on so many levels!

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