How YOU Think of You

In the sales process, never worry about what other people  think of you. Focus instead on how YOU think of you.

That was one of our tweets earlier this week. Then we came across a fabulous article by Dave Pell, a self-professed “Internet Superhero.” In an internet confession titled “I Don’t Care If You Read This Article,” he states:

The Internet measures everything. And I am a slave to those measurements. After so many years of pushing much of my life through this screen, I’ve started measuring my experiences and my sense of self-worth using the same metrics as the Internet uses to measure success. I check my stats relentlessly. The sad truth is that I spend more time measuring than I spend doing.

Now, we’re all about measuring everything you do relative to your sales calls and process. But Pell points out a truth that many of the people in our Sales Mastery program claim as a struggle: allowing the numbers to define how we think about ourselves.

Later in the article, Pell states:

It’s a struggle, but I try to remind myself that there’s more to life than the rank order of things. I love this article. It is a pure reflection and honest confession of how coming of age on the Internet affected the way I perceive myself. You might like it. You might tweet about it or forward it or share it on Facebook. But no matter what the reaction, I’ll try to remember my opinion of these words right now, when it’s just me and them alone.

And that is the challenge we leave you with this week: to remember how energized and confident you feel at the end of our classroom sessions, and to carry that with you throughout the week, no matter what “Little Voice” — or any other voice — has to say.

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