Every Interaction is a Sale

You’re actually much better at sales than you think, and we’ll prove it to you right now.

Sometime in the last week, you’ve had a discussion meant to resolve a difference.

You wanted Chinese for dinner, your partner was set on Italian. You wanted an action film, your partner insisted on a chick flick. One of you sold the other on their point of view. Proposal, objection, negotiation, sale.

What you think is a conversation is actually a negotiation, and what we know for sure is that in any negotiation, the person with the highest energy – the strongest desire – wins.

We call it the “E-squared” equation, which tells us that Energy and Endurance equate to Sales.
If you have both, the odds increase. The lower your energy and endurance fall, the faster your odds decrease.

In his book Little Voice Mastery, Blair Singer lists 21 techniques to help you keep your three “Es” hearty, healthy, and happening. We utilize the techniques very successfully in our SalesPartner Mastery Sessions, and recommend Blair’s book to everyone we meet.

Have a negotiation story – business or otherwise – you want to share?

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